Strategy & Planning

Digital planning has entered a new era.

Digital strategy used to be focused on tapping into the minds of consumers, and the success of a strategy would depend on the ability of strategists and planners intuitively knowing the thoughts and behaviours of people.

We are now swimming in a sea of data. We have access to tangible facts that give us quantifiable truths about the way people think, feel and act towards brands online. Through careful analysis, we can start to connect the dots and make informed decisions.

All our plans and strategies are deeply grounded in known human behaviour. We take the guesswork out of digital planning.

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Insight sessions

These sessions help to uncover deep truths and break hypotheses. Our planners and analysts team together to spot the interesting in your data. We deliver insights into what people actually think, feel and do within your brand’s digital experience and prompt actionable changes to your digital strategy.


Social Analysis

With 2.3 billion active social media users in the world - some of the deepest of data insights can be drawn from social data. Using analysis tools such as Tableu, R, and excel we deep dive into social data for an in-depth view of owned media performance, post/page analysis, sentiment analysis, time of day/day of week - to uncover insights that turn into key strategic recommendations to help you take your social or content strategy further.


Personalisation strategy

The ability to identify and group different audience sets in data allows marketers to deliver unique content. We help you to develop results-driven strategies that are not only achievable but will open up endless possibilities for personalised digital experiences.


Communications planning

You don’t want your messages to fall on deaf ears. This means your communication needs to be relevant and targeted to the right audience segment. We work with you to create plans that ensure your individualised communications are delivered with optimal impact.


Audience planning

Data-driven profiles allow you to influence, and even predict, the behaviour of visitors to your website. We help you integrate your digital data with your marketing personas to develop in-depth customer profiles. You can then use these to inform personalisation and measure the effectiveness of your communications.


Experience mapping

To attract the right consumers, you need an understanding of how they behave online and offline. We help you map these experiences so you can identify the role and opportunity for digital in your customers’ life-cycle.



Delving more deeply with your metrics, than time spent on site allows you to really see where your site attracts and converts consumers. We work with you to create a unique scoring system for your digital content based on the consumer interactions that are most valuable to your brand.

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