Data & Analytics

Data can provide clarity but demands mastery.

Data is everywhere, the infinite stream available can lead to information overload. When faced with so much data digital teams can begin to feel like a lion-tamer without a whip, and data can fast become your worst enemy.

We believe that data should be a marketer’s best friend. Data brings focus to your marketing, you can pull out the patterns and start to weave stories that ensure you deliver the best experiences to your users.

We help you get control of your analytics platforms so that they perform at their best and deliver you with valuable data that matches your business objectives.

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Measurement planning and implementation

Your analytics package needs to be implemented to make sure it captures the right kind of data to effectively monitor your digital performance. We create measurement plans that reflect your digital strategy, then develop implementation plans that ensure accuracy of your data.



To be successful brands need to deliver personalised experiences to users rather than use a one-size-fits-all blanket approach to product campaigns. Delivering more relevant experiences will lift your conversion rate and your brand’s performance. We help you to improve your brand’s relevance and begin the journey towards personalisation. Testing across your digital properties we help you to optimise your site using the information to refine and continually improve the user experience of your site.


Attribution analysis

Do you know the effectiveness of your campaigns? Using custom designed attribution models, defined by your campaign objectives and KPIs, we measure the impact of each of your communication channels.This holistic view of your campaign effectiveness allows you to make changes with confidence.


Tag management

Increase your conversion rate and your brand’s performance through the delivery of relevant messages to your audience. Testing the relevancy across all of your digital properties and using real-time data we show you how to refine and continually improve the user experience of your site.


Campaign measurement and governance

Knowing how your consumers behave across your digital channels and where their engagement points are, leads to a more informed strategy. We shine the light the performance of your campaigns and help you with the end to end tracking of them you can optimise their performance.


Disruptive insights

Attempting to change internal thinking can be challenging for organisations that are stuck in daily routines. Taking a deep dive into your data we develop disruptive insight sessions designed to stimulate thinking and instigate changes in your team’s behaviour.


KPI development

Finding your focus and understanding the essence of your brand is important to campaign development. We take your higher-level marketing objectives to help you to determine your digital goals and measurable KPI’s.


Engagement scoring

Brands strive for the attention of consumers but often they don’t know how to go about it. We help you to identify changes in your visitors’ behaviour and KPI-informed scores based on how your consumers behave across your digital platforms, so you can build better, more engaging campaigns.

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