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Hello 15!

Well, it’s August and true to their word, Adobe upgraded us to SiteCatalyst v15 on the 1st, and so I thought I’d share a few of the golden nuggets within v15.

I was thinking about how to order them…do I go by not bad to flamin’ eck, that’s awesome? Or start with the big bang and then let it continue to smoulder throughout?

The problem is there are too many new and great features that you can’t really put them in any type of order. They appeal to you on different levels, from functionality, to UI, to analysis, to reporting, to combination segmentation and sub reporting.

Engagement, that elusive measure

Figuring out who your engaged visitors are, can be quite the challenge. The problem is, there is no straightforward answer, and there certainly isn’t a single metric to define it.

Engagement is an estimate of the depth of visitor interaction against a set of clearly defined goals – Eric T. Peterson (Web Analytics Demystified)

As the previous statement suggests, the reality of it is that engagement comes from a number of different criteria.

Custom menus in SiteCatalyst

You’re optimizing content to drive relevance for your visitors. So why don’t you optimize your menus in SiteCatalyst for your users too? Make them more relevant – you’ll be thanked for it.

One of the lesser used capabilities in SiteCatalyst is the Custom Menu. They make reports easier to find for your users. Makes sense and only takes two minutes.