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Learning the potential of direct call rules within Adobe DTM (Dynamic Tag Management)

Once you get your head around direct call rules it will open up a whole new world. We take you through the steps to set up your own direct call rules in your implementation.

Flowplayer and SiteCatalyst v15

I’ve noticed there’s a lack of information on the web about how to integrate Flowplayer so I thought I’d share some things with you.
Check out these 5 steps to get Flowplayer reporting into SiteCatalyst v15.

Brightcove Video in SiteCatalyst 15.

One of the things that stopped many companies from upgrading to SiteCatalyst v15 was the use of video. Well that’s no longer the case, as v15 Video Measurement has now been fully released and is ready to go.
Video tagging changed from v14 to v15 and an updated way of measuring video was introduced. Find out how to integrate video measurement into SiteCatalyst 15, if you’re using the Brightcove platform.

Lights, camera, action…video measurement

Many of us use video on our sites these days for different communication reasons. And those videos generally take a fair amount of effort (and cost) to put together. Understanding video engagement is therefore quite important to know which videos are most engaging, which ones lead to most conversions and so on. To date, we have generally used YouTube for our videos. But the problem is that we only get the basic information from YouTube, we aren’t able to see more insightful information.

There’s a number of ways of integrate video measurement data into SiteCatalyst, either by embedding the code into your own video player and then hosting the video on your site, or by using a third party source.

This post looks at how to enable video measurement.