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Is Apple ITP breaking the internet?

Apple’s ITP is creating ghost audiences; it’s getting worse, and there’s no cure. 

A quick primer for you, without getting into the technical specifics:

Around 50% of your mobile visitors are ghosts.
Around 10% of your desktop visitors are ghosts.
That means 20%-30% of all visitors are ghosts.
Did that get your attention?

ITP or Intelligent Tracking Prevention is Apple Safari’s ability to stop cross-domain tracking (specifically ad tracking), deleting or blocking cookies (1st and 3rd), with the intention of protecting user privacy by restricting the ability of ad tech companies to track people around the web.

Setting up Google Analytics Enhanced Link Tracking within Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Enhanced link tracking in Google Analytics has a number of benefits including providing unique data when you have multiple links with the same destination. Find out how to activate it in DTM.

Why you need to make SiteCatalyst data your single source of truth

Often companies will engage multiple agencies which means multiple measurement methodologies and preferred frameworks. While this can be to your advantage, it’s important that you define a single source of truth.

How to create useful tracking codes

Are your tracking codes providing you with the information you want, or are you being kept in the dark? We shine the light on 3 simple tips for creating tracking codes that will give you useful insights into your campaign.

5 tips to successful campaign measurement in SiteCatalyst

Prompted by the number of questions clients ask on a daily basis, we decided to create a series of blog posts focused on how to get the most out of your campaign measurement when using SiteCatalyst. Just for you.