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KPIs: defining and measuring in campaigns

There’s no end to what can be measured as part of your campaign in SiteCatalyst and using your KPIs is the best way to do this. Find out exactly how to define and measure them in your next campaign.

How to create useful tracking codes

Are your tracking codes providing you with the information you want, or are you being kept in the dark? We shine the light on 3 simple tips for creating tracking codes that will give you useful insights into your campaign.

5 tips to successful campaign measurement in SiteCatalyst

Prompted by the number of questions clients ask on a daily basis, we decided to create a series of blog posts focused on how to get the most out of your campaign measurement when using SiteCatalyst. Just for you.

Easier implementations: contextData

Implementing SiteCatalyst can be a lengthy process at the best of times, and development teams are often pushed to the limits. Context data comes to the rescue! Find out how to include variables in your code that allow more sophisticated tracking and make for a smoother implementation process.

Simplify your dashboards and make them even more informative.

How often do you come across a dashboard that is a) a number of pages in length b) multiple reports per page c) doesn’t really tell the story you want it to tell or d) largely unread by your intended audience and/or e) all of the previous. Inspired by simplicity, see what we’ve done to streamline dashboards, data and insights.