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People who liked this…part 2

In my previous post on People who liked this, also liked…, I put forward an idea how to generate “related” products of interest, based on what users were looking at, which could then be automated and re-published back to a site, based on Omniture data.

Having implemented this, we’ve made an interesting observation, which changes one our user assumptions, and I thought it was worthy of a quick posting.

Automate your tag clouds with Omniture

One of the nice things about Omniture is the ability to export information out to other systems. We use this feature to generate tag clouds on our site, based on the most popular courses viewed over the last 30 days, segmented for different audiences.

Searching for gold

Search is a veritable gold mine that is frequently ignored.

I’m not talking about Search Engines and Keywords, I’m talking about your internal search. Providing you track internal keyword searches, you can gain a wealth of understanding.

Internal search is generally used as a quick wayfinding method, highlighting areas of content that are well used, but are not readily available. And more often than not, it’s seasonal as well.

A good time not a long time

I got asked today to provide a benchmark value for time on site for a competitor of ours. They asked me if I thought that 3 minutes and 41 seconds was a good time for someone to be on their site. Not an easy one to answer.

Users are here for a good time, not a long time. Get them to where you want them. Quickly. Then cross-promote them. Engage them. Then the good time can turn into a long time. But Time on Site certainly won’t tell you.