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More internal search insights

Improving internal search should be one of your primary goals. It’s probably used by an extraordinary amount of people, searching for all sorts of things. In this post, I show how to capture the number of times people search, a breakdown of keywords and search attempts, and also demonstrate how much search is costing your organisation.

Page success events and eVars

So, still want to know certain things like what pages were viewed from visitors conducting a search, or which campaigns are driving most page views – and you don’t have Discover. Well, there’s two parts to this post and a bunch of answers…so read on.

Campaign bounce rates and pathing

Ever wondered how to show bounce rates by different campaigns, or other segments? Read on, becuase there’s a relatively easy way to do it in SiteCatalyst, which also brings other benefits with it.

Are they scrolling?

Ok, it’s been way too long since I posted an update, and loads has happened since November. I’ve been to the Omniture Summit in the US, I’ve presented again at the Education Marketing Conference in Sydney and I presented twice at the Omniture Client Briefings in Sydney and Melbourne. That was all in March.

A couple of conversations at the (incredible) Omniture summit sparked an interest and I thought I’d share with you how we implemented. Long pages. Well, pages that go beyond the fold.

Do you know if your users are scrolling down to read the content? Did you know you can get this insight?

Is your content converting?

One of the little-used nuggets in SiteCatalyst is “participation”.

It’s a given that you want to know how many sales you’ve made, or how much revenue you’ve generated, but what about which pages have helped to contribute to that conversion. Not every visitor follows the same path through the content, and it’s therefore beneficial to be able to see which pages are more likely to drive a conversion than others, thereby exposing your most valuable pages.