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eVars, props and events 101

Here’s the first of our articles to help you get your head around the building blocks required for Adobe Reports & Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst).

Discover v3 – it’s the new black.

Discover v3 is out and I can guarantee it will make you wonder how you ever lived with out it.

Success Event Pathing

There are a few ways to find out the order in which certain events happen when visitors come to your site, but the most effective is through implementing Success Event Pathing. We take you through the process of successful event pathing.

Enabling Customer Segmentation

So, following a recent “back to basics” post, a reader requested that I write something describing how custom traffic props are actually useful. How about customer segmentation achieved through traffic props?

Custom traffic props are used for counting traffic-based activity, to gain insights into user behaviour across our sites. By default, custom traffic props only come enabled with the metric Page Views, which, by itself is, admittedly, not a lot of good. But, with a couple of minor customisations, you can get valuable insights from the props very quickly.

This post is actually about customer segmentation – in our case measuring student activity versus staff activity versus “anonymous” activity. In your case, it’ll probably be customers vs. non-customers. But, you don’t have to stop at the customer vs. non-customer segments either. There’s plenty of other customer segments that you can apply throughout the brand funnel, as they move from being just a browser to a high value loyal customer.

Read on to find out more about enabling customer segmentation.

Campaign bounce rates and pathing

Ever wondered how to show bounce rates by different campaigns, or other segments? Read on, becuase there’s a relatively easy way to do it in SiteCatalyst, which also brings other benefits with it.