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Adobe Summit London 2015 Recap

Adobe’s annual digital marketing conference in London was a truly spectacular event. Here’s my overview of the 2-day event and a few sneak peeks into what’s in store for their marketing products.

Are you taking your site for granted?

Are you happy with how your website is performing, or would you like it to drive more conversions? Incorporating a structured approach to your testing is one of the ways you can improve your conversion rate.

Conscious uncoupling

At digital balance we generally prefer to sit back and reserve judgement on the latest trends before we develop an opinion but in this instance we’re right up there with Gwyneth and Chris.

Planes and platforms

Why would you buy an expensive jet aircraft, only to keep it in the hangar because of a lack of skilled crew to maintain and pilot it? The same can be said of your analytics and optimisation platform, yet if given time and effort you will soon see it pay for itself.

A perfect fit for our magnificent machine

As we expand we are conscious of being able to provide all of our clients the level of care and support they need. Adding new team members is no easy task but we think our new Sydney based Client Relationship Manager is the perfect fit.