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Is your content converting?

One of the little-used nuggets in SiteCatalyst is “participation”.

It’s a given that you want to know how many sales you’ve made, or how much revenue you’ve generated, but what about which pages have helped to contribute to that conversion. Not every visitor follows the same path through the content, and it’s therefore beneficial to be able to see which pages are more likely to drive a conversion than others, thereby exposing your most valuable pages.

Automate your tag clouds with Omniture

One of the nice things about Omniture is the ability to export information out to other systems. We use this feature to generate tag clouds on our site, based on the most popular courses viewed over the last 30 days, segmented for different audiences.

It’s not hard

I’ve heard a number of times from potential Omniture customers (I’ve been asked to provide multiple Omniture references), that they’ve heard it’s not easy to set up or maintain. Well, that’s a myth. Omniture is in fact relatively easy to get set up and relatively easy to maintain.