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Measurement techniques for single page microsites

One of the big problems with single page microsites is that traditional measures, such as bounce rates, engagement time, scrolling etc, all go out the window because there is no “second page” activity by the user.

Take, for example, a recent press-release microsite that we did at Murdoch University. The press release is about snake bites and what owners can do to protect their pets. There’s a bunch of information on the page, including an infographic, downloadable files, images, and other stuff.

The problem is, as the user interacts with the page content, they don’t actually move from page to page – which represented quite a challenge in the way it’s measured.

Read on to find out how we got total visibility on interactions and engagement, including time on page, for a single page site.

Tweet, tweet – tracking Twitter

They’re tweeting away. You probably are too. But they’re not necessarily following you, or you them. Are you even aware of them? And are you reporting on their mentions?

Twitter is pervasive nowadays. Which isn’t bad for only 140 characters or less. And it’s amazing what you can actually say with so few words. Good, bad or ugly, it’s happening around you. At the breakfast table, on the way to work, at work, at lunch and at night. And the audiences are huge. Lady Gaga – 6.6 million followers; Barack Obama – 5.5 million. Ok, so maybe you’re not a Lady Gaga, but you get my drift. What’s to say someone with thousands of followers isn’t tweeting away about your brand? Did you know you can report tweets in SiteCatalyst?

Measuring your blogs with SiteCatalyst

In today’s day and age, blog platforms are becoming more popular in the corporate online presence. Many employees blog professionally about their area of expertise, and many corporations run blogs beyond their official website. Blog platforms can be used in a variety of ways – beyond the traditional blogging. Many of us use the blog platform to house our News or Media sites and Event sites, and so forth.

But how do you measure them? Well here’s a few key measures to use to get some better insights…