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How to measure your entire marketing strategy in 4 crazily simple KPIs.

Does hearing the term “KPI” fill you with fear? A step by step guide to setting 4 simple digital KPIs for your entire customer journey.

Data analysis – are you being oversold on your analytics?

With many new businesses being borne out of ‘big data’, the term ‘data insights’ is being flung around left right and centre, and organisations are paying big dollars to analytics companies that promise rousing discoveries about their consumers.
But can true consumer insights be found in data analysis alone?

How do I express a data driven story?

Could your data be more engaging? Find out how to relate data to your colleagues in a more compelling way with visual storytelling.

Hate data, love stories!

Do you struggle to get your colleagues to relate to your data analysis? Let’s talk storytelling with numbers. Find out how to apply a narrative to your data to so it’s more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Are you using your web analytics as a trophy or a weapon?

Valuable time and money is being spent by companies as they culturally ready themselves for social and re-align their organisational structure to manage content. But what about our web analytics? Isn’t it time that we properly understood how to treat them?