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How to get the most out of your Adobe SiteCatalyst implementation (you’ll want your Web Analyst to read this too)

Post-implementation is a crucial time for businesses to adopt regular maintenance and training. Find out how to get the most out of your analytics platform and your web analytics team by focusing on these key factors.

Planes and platforms

Why would you buy an expensive jet aircraft, only to keep it in the hangar because of a lack of skilled crew to maintain and pilot it? The same can be said of your analytics and optimisation platform, yet if given time and effort you will soon see it pay for itself.

Easier implementations: contextData

Implementing SiteCatalyst can be a lengthy process at the best of times, and development teams are often pushed to the limits. Context data comes to the rescue! Find out how to include variables in your code that allow more sophisticated tracking and make for a smoother implementation process.

Search & Promote the implementation, part 1

“I can’t find anything!”

This is the most common response we came across during the scoping and implementation of Search and Promote as the new internal search for Murdoch University.

Hardly surprising, given the issues with internal search that I covered in my previous post, but amazingly consistent!

In fact, one of the great truths we found during this project is that people truly don’t care where content is located, or whether it’s authenticated and/or accessible – they just wanted to type something in the search box, immediately find what they’re looking for, then carry on with their work.

We’ve now completed the implementation across our internal sites, and it’s working really well – so well that we’re now 2-3 weeks away from covering our external sites.

Are they scrolling?

Ok, it’s been way too long since I posted an update, and loads has happened since November. I’ve been to the Omniture Summit in the US, I’ve presented again at the Education Marketing Conference in Sydney and I presented twice at the Omniture Client Briefings in Sydney and Melbourne. That was all in March.

A couple of conversations at the (incredible) Omniture summit sparked an interest and I thought I’d share with you how we implemented. Long pages. Well, pages that go beyond the fold.

Do you know if your users are scrolling down to read the content? Did you know you can get this insight?