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The value of a dislike.

The introduction of a ‘dislike’ button could produce some interesting data insights for marketing on Facebook. But then what implications will it also have on brands?

Derived metrics – what is this sorcery you speak of?

At Summit, you might remember Bret Gundersen introduced Derived Metrics and showed a few examples. What are they? What are some use cases? Check out Derived Metric Sorcery here.

Your offline and online audiences are the same people.

Do you know who your customers are? Using insights from your data helps you build a better picture of your personas so you can engage them more effectively.

Engagement Score: the one metric you need (if you care about brand).

It’s through the creation of content that brands must resonate with their audiences, but how do you tell what is working? Engagement Score lets you know what content is working, making it even more relevance for brands and vital for their success. Read more…

Understanding engagement – now even easier with Discover

Do you want to know more about your audience and how engaged they are when they visit your site?
Find out how to create a calculate metric in Adobe Ad-Hoc Analysis (formerly Discover) that will provide you with some great insights, and it’s dead easy to use.