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Invest a little curiosity and spark the catalyst for change.

Organisations often don’t know what they want from digital, as one of the digital team you’ve got a couple of choices on how to deal with this.

Engagement Score: the one metric you need (if you care about brand).

It’s through the creation of content that brands must resonate with their audiences, but how do you tell what is working? Engagement Score lets you know what content is working, making it even more relevance for brands and vital for their success. Read more…

Engagement, that elusive measure

Figuring out who your engaged visitors are, can be quite the challenge. The problem is, there is no straightforward answer, and there certainly isn’t a single metric to define it.

Engagement is an estimate of the depth of visitor interaction against a set of clearly defined goals – Eric T. Peterson (Web Analytics Demystified)

As the previous statement suggests, the reality of it is that engagement comes from a number of different criteria.