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Frameworks give us freedom of thought

I’m always interested in how digital strategists explain their role in the digital process and was inspired by the series of frameworks in this presentation I recently found from Bud Caddell.

The Emperor is still being sold the latest season’s threads.

There’s a certain amount of responsibility that comes with our digital recommendations, and taking people along the learning journey with us is part of the golden thread of digital transformation for a company.

I didn’t listen to my own advice

Don’t you just hate that? I tell people things, sometimes until it feels like I am blue in the face from the efforts of my passion to get the point across – “how can you not see what your own customers see?”. And then I went and committed the same crime myself.

5 simple steps to make it count.

I’m still generally stunned that companies find thinking about measurement so difficult, and tend to either leave it to the last minute, or have nothing in place to effectively determine the success of something, and as a consequence have no method to improve on the ROI.

As marketers in a digital age, we’re far more fortunate than our offline counterparts in that we have, at our disposal, a multitude of tools, that allow us to measure success and further optimize the user experience.