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Dear Marketing Director, is your digital strategy working?

Digital is one of the most measurable mediums, yet marketing directors are often uncertain whether their marketing campaign is making a difference. This starts with knowing what to measure…

Help your interview candidates to keep calm and carry on

I’ve just been an external panel member for a client who is interviewing for a new role. It was an interesting process and I made some observations along the way.

The data is there to be used.

Do you use your data to inform new campaigns, or are you guilty of re-implementing the same plan?

Applying database marketing techniques to digital marketing.

Over the last few years the lines between database marketing and digital marketing have really blurred. It used to be quite clear cut. But now we can apply the same tried and tested techniques to leverage our customer data and to help identify prospects in the vast swath of digital data.

What bank accounts, sandwich fillings and shopping have in common.

Sometimes it’s the little things, the things that make a brand stand out from the crowd that make them really cool.
The UK CoolBrands included a few of those brands and we think that they deserve a mention.