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Christmas has come early – Adobe Analytics Spring 2015 Release

We’ve got new things! Adobe’s overnight update for the 2015 Spring Release of Adobe Analytics has added a number of amazing new features to the analytics platform.

Data analysis – are you being oversold on your analytics?

With many new businesses being borne out of ‘big data’, the term ‘data insights’ is being flung around left right and centre, and organisations are paying big dollars to analytics companies that promise rousing discoveries about their consumers.
But can true consumer insights be found in data analysis alone?

My 6 digital marketing predictions for 2015.

Where the heck did 2014 go? Thinking about 2015 now and the possibilities that it can bring…

Invest a little curiosity and spark the catalyst for change.

Organisations often don’t know what they want from digital, as one of the digital team you’ve got a couple of choices on how to deal with this.

How do I express a data driven story?

Could your data be more engaging? Find out how to relate data to your colleagues in a more compelling way with visual storytelling.