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We’re Data Studio Certified! Plus A Gift For You

As part of our Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) status, we’ve officially added a Data Studio feather to our digital services cap! To celebrate and share a little of our excitement, we’ve made a DB Freebie for you to enjoy.

Property prices are plateauing in most states, but Sydney is still leading the pack

Over the past five years, Australians have kept a keen eye on the property market and watched construction boom, interest rates fall, and investors clamour to get a piece of the pie.

For many, these trends symbolise a vanishing dream of home ownership; perhaps due to the prioritisation of smashed avocado, or perhaps a combination of tax benefits and abundance of credit that have disproportionately benefitted investors over first home buyers who don’t have access to Bank of Mum and Dad. Who knows!

How do I express a data driven story?

Could your data be more engaging? Find out how to relate data to your colleagues in a more compelling way with visual storytelling.