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The 5 E’s of writing a damn good business blog.

Do you have an irrational fear of writing articles for your business blog? Content marketing is an essential for brands wanting to promote themselves online, here are some essential elements to help you write a damn good article.

How to curate content

Are you curating articles as part of your content marketing? Filtering information and sharing it is just part of the process. Follow these 6 steps to become a valuable source of information that your target audience will return to.

The power of curation.

Curated content is a great way of increasing your social reach, so why aren’t you using it as part of your content strategy? Find out why you should be sharing the knowledge you discover with your target audience.

Making your first time magic: writing for an audience.

First times are exciting and a bit scary, but there’s a lot that we can learn from the experience.

Measuring your blogs with SiteCatalyst

In today’s day and age, blog platforms are becoming more popular in the corporate online presence. Many employees blog professionally about their area of expertise, and many corporations run blogs beyond their official website. Blog platforms can be used in a variety of ways – beyond the traditional blogging. Many of us use the blog platform to house our News or Media sites and Event sites, and so forth.

But how do you measure them? Well here’s a few key measures to use to get some better insights…