Our work with Department of Tourism, WA

Campaign tracking & governance

The background

With limited time and availability within the digital team, the creation of tracking codes was left to external media and creative agencies, leaving discrepancies in marketing reporting. Without a set tracking code structure and internal process, tracking codes were being used inconsistently. The tracking code strings were passing through unstructured data that was impacting the clarity of the analytics and making it impossible to report on marketing activity with accuracy.

The work

Through internal audits and discovery sessions, we established a set tracking code structure that would work for the reporting needs of the entire Tourism WA. A recommended Campaign Governance framework was presented to key internal stakeholders within Tourism WA across multiple departments, helping ensure that best practices weren’t lost or the sole responsibility of the digital team.

We also developed and provided training not only to internal teams, but also to agency and media companies, which helped ensure that all parties driving external traffic to their website understood the best practice Campaign Governance guidelines along with the common pitfalls that can lead to unclean data.

Tourism WA wanted to report on their marketing performance, so they needed to follow the Campaign Governance guidelines, however with limited time available, they required extra support getting the new process up and running. Through a retainer structure, we supported them by helping creative agencies & upload tracking codes, while at the same time reviewing and validating the data that was coming through marketing activity.

The value

With a new framework and process in place, they started to see valuable insights in their data. The data coming through tracking codes gave a new window into the performance of their marketing activity, allowing them to optimise their media and creative as well as establish an ROI and identify valuable traffic sources.

Knowing they could trust their data, Tourism WA started to see data and analytics as a tool, instead of a headache that created more work. With the foundation of data quality in place, they began to embark on data-driven projects such as quarterly Tourism WA wide reporting sessions, dashboards and optimisation projects, with the confidence that the data they were reporting on was data they could trust.

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