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Are you guilty of hiding your brand’s personality on social?

Don’t let the social media crowd swallow you up, stand up and be noticed. Developing your brand personality allows you to send a clear message to your audience about who you are.

How do I express a data driven story?

Could your data be more engaging? Find out how to relate data to your colleagues in a more compelling way with visual storytelling.

Planners are connectors.

Digital in the UK is vast and sophisticated with organisations making their mark through delivering complex digital solutions. How does a planner help?

Hate data, love stories!

Do you struggle to get your colleagues to relate to your data analysis? Let’s talk storytelling with numbers. Find out how to apply a narrative to your data to so it’s more interesting and engaging for your audience.

How to train your thinking brain.

Being a planner involves thinking, and lots of it. Developing your own style of creating and musing is an important part of this role, find out 4 ways to stretch your thinking.