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Why you need to define your purpose before you tackle social.

Is it really necessary for brands have more than one Facebook or Twitter account? Customers can easily engage brands on social, therefore many brands make use of dedicated customer service accounts. But before you launch into social overdrive you need to define your purpose for being on social.

Stop guessing – map your customer journey with Google data.

Data provides deeper insight and understanding of the decision-making process of your customers. Here’s how to use Think with Google’s planning tool along with their wealth of data to inform your Customer Journey maps.

Data analysis – are you being oversold on your analytics?

With many new businesses being borne out of ‘big data’, the term ‘data insights’ is being flung around left right and centre, and organisations are paying big dollars to analytics companies that promise rousing discoveries about their consumers.
But can true consumer insights be found in data analysis alone?

Use data for good: 3 rules to live by for personalisation strategy.

Your customer data is priceless for helping with personalisation, but to avoid being too invasive you’ll need to set boundaries and define your purpose.

3 suggestions to make your beautiful data story heard.

You’ve put all the hard work into collecting the data and crafting a beautiful story with it but has anyone seen it yet? Get seen, get heard, get understood. Here’s how.