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Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to be the digital leader everyone is looking for.

I want to talk about what makes a great digital leader. I am specifically choosing to use the word leader rather than manager as that’s a critical difference to embrace.

Adobe Marketing Cloud’s new silver lining

The future looks good with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud getting a suite of 8 new core services, all designed to help us combat fragmented views of our audiences, incomplete profiling and targeting capabilities, bring together silo’d channels, and reduce the manual work required to currently curate reports to our stakeholders.

Engagement Score: the one metric you need (if you care about brand).

It’s through the creation of content that brands must resonate with their audiences, but how do you tell what is working? Engagement Score lets you know what content is working, making it even more relevance for brands and vital for their success. Read more…

Top tips for digital team development.

When building or developing a digital team there are certain things you should be keeping in mind. Avoid governance and other issues with our top 3 tips for resource planning.