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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Does your content rule?

Content is king – but there’s no point having it if you don’t know what it’s doing for you. With just two metrics, your content performance insights will pop out at you, telling you the places to refocus your efforts.

Calculated metrics in SiteCatalyst

Calculated metrics are just one of the many ways to get more out of your data. Not every report suite needs them – you need to be selective in your creation of them, and more importantly, you need to educate your users in their use and meaning.

Metrics, dimensions or reports – what do I need?

Understanding the differences between metrics, dimensions and reports is something that many are still struggling with. Here’s a quick guide to help you on your way to using each of them at the right time.

3 things your internal communications strategy may be lacking.

One of the challenges organisations from across many industries face is how to manage their internal communications. Incorporating a few key things into your communications strategy can make a world of difference.