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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Back to basics – SAINT classifications.

SAINT can be used for more than just campaigns, but there are a lot of people using it for limited purposes. Tim gets back to basics and revisits the tool that can and should be used for so much more.

Action is the antidote to fear

Like so many of the audience, I watch Todd on The Gruen Transfer each week and each week he always, for me, gets to the truth of the advertising message before the others. So I was really excited to experience what he had to say in the flesh and to see if I could soak up some of his creativity.

What is it that makes a good digital team great?

I think it’s many things, but one thing stands above all else – their passion.

I’ve helped nurture one or two digital teams over the years and I have to say for each team, I’m immensely proud of what they’ve achieved.

And I think that comes from trust; letting them flourish in digital communications, taking the initiative and making mistakes along the way but learning from them too.

What to do when inspiration doesn’t strike

I’ve just had one of those days. Actually, make it one of those weeks. Concentration has been very hard to come by which is not helpful when you are on a short deadline. That loads on the pressure and then it’s even harder to find the way to flick the switch.

If you’re ignoring internal search, slap yourself silly

While Jerome is busy posting about the in’s and out’s of implementing Search&Promote, I thought I’d wade in with a post on why businesses should consider their search as a missed opportunity.

I’ve previously posted on what I think is a hidden gold mine of information called internal search. It’s an area of the site that many companies, quite frankly, ignore.

“Not too sure how to do anything with it, we assume it’s working just fine serving up results to random queries, so we’ll leave it alone and focus on our core purpose, driving people into our conversion funnel.”

Or something along those lines.

If that’s you, go stand in front of a mirror and slap yourself a few times! Wake up and smell the coffee…there’s much more to search than that!