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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Search & Promote the implementation, part 1

“I can’t find anything!”

This is the most common response we came across during the scoping and implementation of Search and Promote as the new internal search for Murdoch University.

Hardly surprising, given the issues with internal search that I covered in my previous post, but amazingly consistent!

In fact, one of the great truths we found during this project is that people truly don’t care where content is located, or whether it’s authenticated and/or accessible – they just wanted to type something in the search box, immediately find what they’re looking for, then carry on with their work.

We’ve now completed the implementation across our internal sites, and it’s working really well – so well that we’re now 2-3 weeks away from covering our external sites.

Is your kitchen humming along?

When I present at conferences I like to begin with two huge and startling numbers…numbers that stun the audience into engagement. Typically I use the number of slides in the presentation, which is generally over 200 (but presented in less than 30 minutes) and the second one is a statistic on something.

One statistic I’m fond of is “70%”.

Brightcove Video in SiteCatalyst 15.

One of the things that stopped many companies from upgrading to SiteCatalyst v15 was the use of video. Well that’s no longer the case, as v15 Video Measurement has now been fully released and is ready to go.
Video tagging changed from v14 to v15 and an updated way of measuring video was introduced. Find out how to integrate video measurement into SiteCatalyst 15, if you’re using the Brightcove platform.

I didn’t listen to my own advice

Don’t you just hate that? I tell people things, sometimes until it feels like I am blue in the face from the efforts of my passion to get the point across – “how can you not see what your own customers see?”. And then I went and committed the same crime myself.

What are our members doing?

This topic was requested by one of my readers – thanks for the inspiration Dan.

And it comes back to segmentation. And the value derived from measuring your customers/members behaviors across your digital channels, and the impact they could be having on your conversion rates if you don’t segment.