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Moving beyond business-based segmentation

One of the most powerful ways to enable an audience connection is through behavioural segmentation. Many companies today segment from a business standpoint. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good strategy and aligns your measurement and optimisation strategy with your business segmentation model. Customer / non-customer segments. Product A owners / product B owners. Mosaic-based segments. Geographic segments. Lead / Non-lead segments. These are all typically business-based segments, and you should definitely be segmenting using this methodology if your overall business does. But I think there’s a higher level of segmentation – behavioural segmentation. Read on to see how we easily achieved this.

By on April 20 2011

Migration frustration – SiteCatalyst 15

Ok, so I admit it, I’m a massive (borderline obsessive) brand advocate for Omniture (now the Adobe Omniture Business Unit), and I’m definitely not alone, but we’ve been dealt a harsh card. The card? The migration to SiteCatalyst v15. We’ve been told we can’t migrate for probably up to a year. In my opinion, quite frankly, Omniture that just sucks!

By on April 15 2011

Tips to communicate your measurements.

There is a lot that can be measured these days, and getting the key success messages out can be difficult. Couple that with the misconception that it’s just about the web site, and the task just got harder. Here's five tips to help communicate your measurement results to stakeholders.

By on April 03 2011

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