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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Measuring customer dissatisfaction

Or maybe this should be called “Revenge is best served cold…and lots of times”.

So many companies today have a really great customer support experience. Some of the biggest brands like Best Buy, Dell, iiNet, Omniture and Woolworths just get it.

Others, like Electronic Bazaar are fantastically clueless. And, everything is measureable. This one is a little off-course from my normal topics, but it’s a customer service train-wreck with measureable results.

This is a story about poor customer service, with a bit of measurement thrown in. While buyer beware is true, the real moral is company beware…for there are now a lot of things consumers can do to express their frustration. We have, at our fingertips, quite a few ways to skin the proverbial cat to spread the word about poor customer service. All it takes is a little imagination.

New products announced at Adobe Omniture Summit 2011

Just a quick update from Salt Lake City where I’m attending, and presenting, at the Adobe Omniture Summit 2011.

Not only is the event bigger than last year, in fact, their largest event yet with 2600+ people attending, but they’ve just announced a suite of new products, which as marketers, we’re all very interested in.

How to create a good measurement strategy

Many companies struggle putting together an effective digital measurement strategy, often due to the lack of resources and/or the lack of understanding how it can provide an effective return on the investment. But you can demonstrate an ROI, that will far outweigh the costs incurred, if you spend the time and effort in putting a solid strategy together.